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Stevo the Madman Blood Donor Day

Encouraging Gen Z's living in the UK to consider becoming a first-time blood donor is no easy task, but alongside social media influencer 'Stevo the Madman' ACLT achieved this in October 2022.

Long term friend Stevo previously experienced a family member in need of blood transfusions for their battle with blood cancer, so he knew all to well of the need for more ethnically diverse blood donors to join the Blood Donor Register.

PR needed to raise awareness of this to drive consideration for Gen Z to book an appointment, and it was scheduled to be done during Black History Month. So, how could we grab the attention vs the numerous 'black history initiatives' taking place during such a busy month?

Our approach was for Stevo to host a private blood donation session, with a guest list of his influencer mates, who were up to attend to show their support and donate blood too.

The 'Stevo the Madman blood donation day earned attention across traditional, social and owned media, achieving: coverage across the Independent,, iNews, ITV News, 5 News and BBC Radio London. Social media influencers in attendance included; Michael Dapaah, Harry Pinero, Bouncer, Craig Mitch and more.

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